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Emma Roberts’ Amazing Face at Some Bullshit Event of the Day

Here’s Emma Roberts in what could be a see through dress at some bullshit event, and she’s making amazing faces….

I’ve been seeing a lot of this bitch in the paparazzi lately, and the hope I have is that I rely on alcoholism being a genetic thing, to take over her life and lead her into a vulnerable place where she makes bad choices all while exposing her vagina. I’m Eager, she’s kinda hot. Let’s hope she pulls a Scream 4 on her actual family…I’m talking Julia Roberts.

Here are some other sluts at the Event I’d fuck even though I don’t know who they are, and if I do, don’t know where they’ve been, which isn’t saying much cuz I’d have sex with a paper bag filled with rotting fruit if I could…I’m just that eager…

Some Asian bitch named Jamie Chung cuz Asians have Small Genitals…and Youtful Appearances….

Jojo pulled the black cock out of her ass and made an appearance….

Tatyana and Aly Michalka

Lucy Hale Who Looks like a Kunis but Isn’t a Kunis But Still has A Cunny I’d like to Molest….

Amber Lancaster Who I’ve never heard of…

Marielle Jaffe another unknown to me…..

Jennifer Ackerman also a mystery pussy….

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  • mike

    jojo looking stunning as always!! She is another women who is 100% pure perfection!!

  • Expletive:BMP

    Beano you’ll have to forgive my opinions because, even though you’re right about the awesomeness of the cunnies involved, they’re still a bit scrawny, but beggars can’t be choosers. It’s been an interesting while Beano, combating with inspirations, aspirations or a lack thereof said paradigms, other than excessive worthlessness sprinkled with bouts of uninspired lackadaisical existential bullshit—an overbearing sense of loss and failure and a strange ability to never focus on anything for longer than a few moments before another point of nothingness seemingly becomes a point of interest. It’s times like these when I have a need to get drunk; to drown the pain and misery of being the shadow, the dirty soil, the stink of the shit, and the nothingness without form or shape other than the soil which men trample beneath their feet, and the celestials spit upon. But as you say, to dine in the midst of such awesome cunny bleeds as these ladies would no doubt afford, would be a reward, of a sort, and would be an awesome gift for the fucking strange fuck that I am; Narrowing the focus long enough; to find where it is I actually belong; at the tit of these dames or at their navel harboring meticulous intent to explore the hidden visages of their awesome cunt holes—even though they’re not Kim K, and they’re still a bit too scrawny.