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Adriana Lima Mom in Lingerie Photoshoot of the Day

I still remember when Adriana Lima was marketed as some native from the jungle of Brazil who was a virgin….It was like these massive tits and amazing body, untouched. I never fully believed it, but I liked those days better than today, because now I can’t pretend their lie is truth, cuz I know she got pregnant and I know she had the baby, and that only happens to virgins in the bible…it’s good, but it’s just not the same. Tainted meat at your favorite restaurant doesn’t mean you’ll stop showing up to eat there, if you know what I mean….AND IF YOU DON’T, just show them to your wife to remind her where she’s slacking/lying post pregnancy….

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  • wow.. adrina black and white pick is super hot.

  • DKNY

    Hottest MILF ever.

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