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Ginger Spice Flashes Her Hot Mom Ass of the Day

I’m pretty sure that Geri Halliwell was well aware of the outfit she was wearing, the position she was squatting in, the level of wind and the presence of paparazzi, and I think that’s what make these pics kinda hot, despite the fact that she’s a mom, she’s old, and all that other obvious stuff that present red flags and warning signs against her sexuality, you know the barriers and challenges he has to fucking face everytime she tries to get a dude to jerk off to her, but I think she’s almost done it. That’s one great ass. Next time, let’s have her lose the tennis panties that are so thick you might as well be wearing pants, but for now, this is good enough for me….even if her underwear are so not her regular underwear, and look like they were stolen from a 12 year old, and put on for this moment in history…..works for me…

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  • sakara

    the most atention she’s gotten since the 50 years that the spice girls went their seperate old geezer ways.

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