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Elisabetta Canalis Yachting of the Day

This Elisabetta Canalis chick does high class escorting right. Here she is on a fucking yacht, living a life of luxury, a known name thanks to George Clooney’s penis pretending to be on lock down with this chick, when really there’s gotta be more to this story of “love”….like her cashing the fuck in, prison tattoos and all, in exchange for the good life…and if I had a vagina…I’d probably do the same hustle…as I appreciate her level of work ethic….

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  • Anony Mouse

    Kinda looks like Steven Tyler. Shes got a hot body but the face kills. Clooney needs to give her a one way ticket to dumpsville.

  • cowbulls

    Clooney is a smart man. I don’t think there has been a woman in history that doesn’t hit the point of deserving to be cut loose after various amounts of sex. Canalis has a hell of a body but she has hit the cut loose stage.

    It doesn’t help her that Cloony hangs out with that douchebag Randy Gerber who is married to Cindy Crawford. Cindy would last the longest of any woman in history.