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Ali Larter’s Mom Body of the Day

I think Ali Larter’s super powers all you virgin losers fell in love with watching Heros was her ability to show off her mom tits after being flat chested her entire life…Here are some pics showing off that skill.

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  • legendkiller

    I liked her a lot better flat-chested.

  • Dave

    Yeah, breasts are awful.

  • Dave

    Yeah, bewbs are a terrible thing.

  • Expletive:BMP

    you folks and ya’ll small chubby less dames, I’ll have you lot know, that being a man means to appreciate an explosive ass and big boobs—of a woman, not a shemale; just thought I’d clarify. Not that I’m hating, but we to make distinctions because they’re such a variety of people out there.

  • Expletive:BMP

    *Have to not *we to
    I feel bad for Ali Larter and what happened to heroes. It just goes to show that most americans can’t write for shit, anymore. Some years ago, you Americans created some of the most brilliant shit and brought it to the telly, now, you’re producing such shit shows, and your writers are turning good shows into pure shit. Or should I blame the networks. If the Networks weren’t so Gay, Black, Jew, Political Correct, christian, Bully, Sex, fat, red neck conscious, then you lot would produce better television.