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Emma Roberts for Tyler Shields of the Day

I find photographer Tyler Shields to be the biggest pile of shit. I really don’t know why I get so annoyed by him, but I think it’s gotta do with him being a typical mainstream LA idiot pretending to be an artist, with some deep artistic vision, and thanks to a few celebrity friends, like Lindsay Lohan, he’s become the “it” guy to go do stupid photoshoots with…Like he’s the new Terry Richardson, riding celebriity celebrity to get his own celebrity to the top by sucking up to them when really he’s just a scam…is actually kinda genius….but I still find him annoying…

That said, here are some pictures of Emma Roberts and Juno Temple with what he calls “Vampire Tears” cuz he is full of shit, everyone knows they are the facial cum shot of glittery fairy.


On a sidenote, this photoshoot clearly lacks nudity, pussy lip and tit…Tyler Shields needs to step up his artistic vision, pull it out of Twilight and take it to Hustler…if you know what I mean.

He’s the fucking worst. He named thes pictures “Chaos, Flowers, Tears, Unicorn Tears, Vampire Tears”…I hope he kills himself/ gets hit by a bus and loses his eyesight / drug overdoses or gets ignored.

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  • Jenny

    I saw this on here went and looked him up…. I was on his site for an hour and I have to say I HAVE NEVER SEEN SUCH AMAZING PHOTOS : ) Thanks for the tip… Even though I don’t understand why you hate him : (