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Gwen Stefani Does the Adam’s Family in a Thong at the Beach of the Day

What the fuck is going on in these Tranny Goth on the beach Pics.

I just don’t know if I really want to understand.

But I do know that they are see through and showing off thong underwear….

Maybe she’s trying to prove she’s not a cross dresser cuz cross dressers don’t wear thongs as there’s not enough room to tuck their dick nicely behind the fabric of a thong, you know mythbusting cuz her husband has an affinity for cross dressers….

Maybe she’s a chick….I mean she most likely is…there are plenty of manly women out there…she does have kids and pretty believable pregnant pics…and maybe she’s just looking for male attention cuz her husband’s too busy jerking off to dudes in dresses and wigs…

Maybe she doesn’t realize her skirt is see through…and that this is just an accident…

Maybe we’ve asked too many question about this and theorized too much on this…cuz what it comes down to is it is just fucking dark and weird looking and it makes me want to sacrifice a goat to satan…and I’ll I’ve got is an obese wife who can beat me up…so I’m just gonna move along.

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  • Dr. Cornelia J. Dogbarker, PhD (rescinded)

    You know that song where she yodels? I hate that fucking song. That’s why I hate HER! You’re not aging well, sweetie. Your little faux punk outfit only makes you look pathetic, and you just really don’t have any tits, so you’re worthless.

  • Arletha Vandrunen

    Howcome no-one at BR ever strapped a Rolls Royce Goblin or two to a 4VEP ? Apart from the fact 4VEP’s are made of wood and burn nicely.