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Hannah Holman Showing Nipple for Fashion of the Day

I’ve posted on Hannah Holman before …I wrote how she’s showing her nipple for fashion to get ahead in the fashion world cuz so many girls are competing to be in the same photoshoots cuz all these bitches think they are hotter than they are….

Luckily, someone was there to put me in my place….

Hey Asshole.

This girl is not a low-level model, and nothing she’s doing in this shoot is an attempt to get ahead, as she’s already making it big. She’s well known and respected in the fashion industry. She’s smart, sweet, making big bucks, and obviously has more class than you. It’s embarrassing for you that you have nothing better to do than trash a twenty-year-old girl whom you know nothing about.

You should do your homework before you spout shit like this out of your mouth pervert.

Thanks Steven….here are some recent pics from Metal #24 of Hannah Holman whoring herself for a photographer to stand out amongst all the other models also willing to whore out in front of a camera to get work as legit models….like the base level stripper sluts they’ve become…cuz working at Walmart or as a waitress fucking sucks….

Good times…..on a sidenote I used to go to school with a retarded kid…they had the same facial structure…I’m sure it’s not related…but it is weirding me out….

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  • die cunt

    ALL models are LAZY, TALENTLESS, WHORES! it’s the truth. It takes no fucking skill at all to be a model. Any “talents” that are needed to be a model, can be learned in about 30 minutes by any attractive woman who isn’t a completely uncoordinated downs patient. Its the most over rated, over paid profession. Just stand in front of the camera, dressed like a whore, looking like a whore, and walk like a whore in heat looking to get fucked. Showing your tits in a magazine is not “art” simply because you are wearing a $15,000 dress. You are still getting paid to get naked, and that’s the kind of shit that whores do. Stop trying to fool yourself.