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Christina Aguilera Performing in Short Leather Shorts of the Day

Christina Aguilera was on The Voice performing with her co-stars, I think….but can’t be too sure cuz I’ve never seen the show….but when I heard she was singing We Are the Champions that it was in reference to the all you can eat buffet, or maybe as a ritual chant after finishing off some cake, but I guess it doesn’t really matter, what matters is she squeezed her fat ass in a pair of small shorts in some clearly ill advised by a stylist with a sense of humor who plays on the fact that Aguilera thinks she’s still got it…

Either way, it was a cheesy fucking embarrassing, holding on to what we once had kinda thing and now you can watch it over and over again until Youtube pulls it. Lucky you.

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  • Skippy

    Man, she looked freaky in those shorts. Creepy bowlegged legs on a chubby ball. She went from ok to someone who might hang out with my jewish grandmother in Florida.

  • jeepwreck

    She looks bad but it looks like Cee Lo ate 3 of her before the show…