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Beyonce Trying to be Sexy While Mocking Trailer Trash for Dazed & Confused of the Day

Edgy Hipster Fashion magazine called Dazed & Confused did a shoot with Beyonce in the trailer park. They called it “The Simple Life”, where they glammed bitch up, sexed bitch up in lingerie, and set her doing low mocking poor person middle America shit….from eating Fruit Loops, to drinking slurpies to whatever else is going on in the picture and as a poor person…I take offense to this….but only cuz I want to see an uprising that makes Beyonce look like the devil cunt I know she is…

See, I get the irony cuz it’s obvious and not that crafty and I’m not an idiot…I can always see through the parody, high concept shit fashion faggots come up with… Beyonce this fashion icon with all the money in the world..successful and rich in her own right, married to a billionaire on top of her pile of stupid money she’s got…living in 5 star hotels and designer clothes, glammed up and pampered…in a setting that so many Tornados have just recently torn up….

See, she’s too good for this kind of thing, alienating a huge percentage of her white trash trailer park fans…mocking them as they pick up the rubble of their lives…obnoxious and insensitive…tacky new money doesn’t remember where her granny the slave was brought up….behavior…

So everyone turn on Beyonce while she’s trying to turn you on….

Here’s the video to hammer that nail in your white trash heart

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  • HornyLohanWanker

    I would happily add her to my breeding stable, she can have a bunk next to Halle Berry and one of the chicks from that music group that sang Waterfall.

    Then, let the black bitch boning begin!

    Many a fine little pickaninnies would be born.

  • die cunt!

    dude, get off beyonce’s fake white cock already….you posted about her fried chicken eating cunty ass yesterday….that is more then enough for the next 3 months…

  • die cunt!

    wtf phag, why won’t my comment post? it was basically me telling you to get off beyonce’s fake white cock and stop posting about her every….single….day…

  • i love beyonce!

    I love beyonce an think she’s so talented……will this dribble post?

  • Skippy

    When did she become the female Michael Jackson? I never knew she was a white woman.

  • H

    I take this to heart because you are clearly a man of taste and discretion.

    But really, are you trying to point a finger at someone right now for being “obnoxious and insensitive”? REALLY?

  • lol. yeh! that little pussy cat works for me!!!