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Pink Post Pregnancy Erotica of the Day

Here are some post pregnancy even though I think she’s still got a baby in there, erotica for those of you who have always been into women who still have the placenta hanging out of them…..or for those of you who always wanted to see Pink in a state of feminity, with tits and ass like a black woman making pancakes for a rich white family….

I mean unless bitch is crafty and unwilling to let up her front that she’s got a pussy, and instead staged this shit and actually gay-dopted a baby with her bitch Cary Hart, uninterested in getting bad press like the dad who had a baby a few years ago who was on Oprah, and took advantage of being able to finally eat her fucking face off to make her prosthetic stomach more life-like….but that’s probably a stretch…and she probably does have a vagina, just a very tough one…

Either way, here are her fat asss and titty post pregnant even though I still think she’s got a baby in there erotica.

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  • die cunt!

    paint her skin black, and she looks like that average NOT preggo shine you see every day on the street. Absolutely disgusting.

  • HornyLohanWanker

    Her fun bags have grown to useable size.

    Now, she just needs to start fondling them and letting milk spray form the nozzles!

  • Bob Smith

    Tight body, but really kinda ugly

  • jay bone

    who gives a shit about this COW looks like white trash that got lucky ,,bitch cant sing to save her life…just another smart mouth ass’ed white bitch just like Lindsey blowcock……….looks like the kind of bitch that sit around the trailor park drinking coke and smoking GPC cigarettes all day……she must give good head for Cory to put a baby in that fat nasty yeasty white vagina…….