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Tyra Banks is an Ex-Bikini Model Gone Wrong of the Day

In case you are retarded, the picture I posted of Tyra Banks in a self-fulfilling prophecy fat suit from her insane and awkward and inappropriate show is not the bikini pictures of her in Mexico with some boyfriend who is fucking her cuz he’s black and can grasp fat women better than white guys, mainly cuz they can get at least 6 inches in, despite all the obstacles they have to avoid everytime they fuck, from gut to ass cheek, it’s a disaster….

I always knew that she had a fat chick waiting to eat the bucket of chicken the second her modeling contract ended, and that her victoria’s secret hype was all in the titties and that she in no way had any similarity to the black girl I watched watching in a white light fabric dress, all showing off her amazingly round, firm booty on a tall thin frame, and I always knew she’d have no problem finding cock cuz of the whole famous ex model shit, but I never really wanted to see all that play out in a bikini…and I know you’ll all be like “what’s the big deal”….and I’ll be like “She’s the big deal, literally”, cuz compared to your wife she’s hot…but then again so is a pile of dog shit shaped like a pussy…

She is an ex-model….I have unrealistic expectations for her…cuz she made too much money for being a hot piece…and to throw it all away insults me…let’s lynch her.

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