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Elisabetta Canalis White Bikini Single Groupie Pics of the Day

George Clooney’s ex hooker/exclusive prostitute who pretends she’s an actress or TV personality, Elisabetta Canalis was out in her bikini, on a yacht, with another man, posing for the paparazzi cuz in a few months no one will care that she was dumped by Clooney, when he moves onto more scandalous lovers like Brad Pitt….cuz there’s no way he’s not a Gay….and she’s not a front who can never leak his story due to a language barrier…I know how it works…

I don’t Have the rights to post the pics….but I do have the rights to link whatever I want…and today that want stars a hot bodied, irrelevant, stripper looking bitch with biker tattoos in a white bikini and I fucking love white bikinis….

TO See the Rest of the Pics

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  • cowbulls

    George is my hero. Hit it and then move on.