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Emma Watson Thinks her Premieres are the Royal Wedding of the Day

I don’t know what the deal with Emma Watson is, but she reminds me of a tacky italian bitch at her first communion, or a tacky bride at her wedding, or like a tacky white trash bitch at her fucking high school prom….or even some Toddlers & Tiaras shit that’s just awkward looking…cuz she’s been going to these Hairy Poofter premieres all dolled up like she’s at the royal wedding or some really formal event, when all she’s doing is her last walk down the premiere line, cuz after Potter, she aint got shit but a pile of money and a fanbase of pedophiles who have watched her grown while dressed like wizards…aka the worst kind of fanbase….other than their loyalty….and ability to collect…their social awardness and smell of stale semen makes shaking hands and signing autographs a disaster….but that still doesn’t explain why she’s dressed all ridiculous, even if she’s showing a bit of little tit….it’s a level of princess high maintenance bullshit that’s a real turn off, but that’s cuz I never found her hot, or watched a single Harry Potter movie meaning I didn’t fall in love with her irrationally when she was 13…so I am not blinded….and I can look at her objectively…I’m a hero like that.

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  • Sensible Guy

    Dude. You are insane. Emma is hot and wtf? She’s been doing these movies for 10 years. It is a formal event.

    What the fuck do you want her to wear flip flops?
    She looks hot.

  • Thomas

    Agreed. Very pretty gal. Classy too.

  • You absolute dolt. This marks the end of a ten year life cycle of a character she portrayed in a movie…
    A gratuitous occasion and a very emotional day/moment in her life for it marks the end of this ten year life cycle.
    She looks stunning, not to mention she is the face of Burberry, she needs to maintain a high level of elegance about her.

  • xander

    I don’t think she looks the best she has, the shit on her eyes is pretty annoying, but she still looks great. It’s a good thing I only ever come to this site through redirects, you don’t have very good taste.

  • pinoypoy

    I’d lick her butthole under that dress, then come on those gold glitters on her eye. she’s hot