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Taylor Momsen 17 Year Old Lingerie In Concert of the Day

My day is not complete without watching a recent concert video of Taylor Momsen on her quest to be a respected, yet fabricated and contrived, 70s rocker who is all wild and crazy and tapes her nipples, wears lingerie and pretty much will fade into obscurity the day she turns 18 and America realizes they’ve seen all they want to see of her, as they go on to find the next 17 year old to obsess over, cuz it’s illegal and that’s what turns them on…those crazy Americans in their land of the free, unless you want to do fun things…

I can’t watch this shit without laughing…it is so fucking lame….but luckily I have this talent where I can focus on the body in fishnets and panties and ignore all things bad about them…I developed the skill when I was on my fourth hooker having a drug overdose, and I was keen on getting my money’s worth before dealing with the issue at hand…ever since then…no distractions.

I don’t know what I’m talking about…watch the video…

Here’s her fan video of the day – cuz it’s hilariously bad…and awkward…you know with the fact that they are grown men…

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  • Joe

    Nothing new here Cherri Curry, Suzy Quatro and Dora Pesch did the dam shit 30 years ago. Jeez what a shitty band, haven’t they ever heard of dynamics, melody. modes and finger muting ?
    At lease she writes her own songs (publishing) and performs (ticket sales)
    Any 1 person that can make money doing #2 deserves some credit..ehhh ?

    As far as the cheesy-ness and rebellion go that’s what Rock & Rolls been all about since Elvis and Buddy Holly shook it up a 1/2 century ago.
    This girls parents belong in jail, I hear Momsen has a very young sister exposed to all this lez and whore like bullshit.

    —burp, these Scandinavian euroshitz give me eff’n Agita.
    Why don’t they just go have Sex & Sodomy in the middle of the street and save some electricity ?

  • beavis

    I feel like it would be pretty easy to start a fight with her band, like if you said so, you guys play for Momsen, and they’re like yeah and then you started laughing at them.