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Shauna Sand Bikini Pics with New Male Escort of the Day

I always thought that there was no way Shauna Sand’s pretty boy escorts were straight. I just assumed they were male prostitutes who were getting paid minimal, but more than working their local bathhouse, to live the good life on beaches with her, occassionally holding her hand to make us think they are so in love….when really we’re thinking “I wonder how hard this is gonna fuck up her kids”…

But then I saw the Sex Tape and realized the pretty boy immigrants actually fuck her on camera, which doesn’t mean they aren’t gay, since her vagina is questionable, meaty and possibly an empty ballsack, but it does mean they are pretty committed to their jobs…even though we all know we’d fuck this plastic big silly like the sex doll she looks and moves like…despite how vile she may be…and that’s the end of this post.

Either way, here’s he Shauna Sand monster doing all she knows how to do…

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  • The Guy Behind The Guy

    These pictures are making me gay.

    Damn Frankenstein tits! Frankentits.

  • Cunty Cuntall

    Better than fappin’

  • guyl

    Damn, she’s gorgeous!!! Those tits are so nice although they’re a bit small. She would look so much better with a decent sized set.