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Shauna Sand Getting Head on the Beach of the Day

She’s got some of the scariest vaginas in the world….

I have seen her SEX TAPE

I have been to that dark place and apparently so has this guy…I mean assuming he’s not just a pretty boy gay escort she’s imported from Europe to replace the other one…who finds fucking a bitch living off her ex-husband’s soap money way better than fucking dirty old men…even if dirty old men have better contained man pussies…despite decades of inserting large objects inside themselves…cuz Shauna Sand’s pussy is that fucked up…while the rest of her is on some mutated human barbie doll kick…that could make for a great horror movie character…but who needs horror movie characters when the real horror movie is her fucking sex tape…

Either way, here she is “getting head” and posing on the beach, cuz she loves the beach, she even chose her stripper name after the beach and pays the paparazzi for this kind of bikini pic marketing…we’re just no sure what she’s marketing…I guess just aiming for attention…or maybe another sex tape is on its way since it is the only work she gets…

And really, plastic, scary, mutated vagina or not, I’m just happy she’s not fat….

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  • HornyLohanWanker

    I woudl pump this old cunt with gallons of jiz, all the while abusing her big balloon tits unmercifully.

    She would scrunch up those botox lips and beg me to go easier on her nipples.

    Well fuck you bitch, take my cock and feel the pain.

  • die cunt!

    why help keep this pig famous? let her wither and die like the old worthless pig whore she is….

  • cowbulls

    She’s a sex toy. She knows she is nothing but a sex toy. She seems to keep her legs spread and her mouth shut unless it is sucking a cock. I don’t see the problem. Lots of guys including me would like to nail her IF she is disease free.

  • CA

    Oh my fucking god, seldom seen a sexier fake titted beauty as his Lady. Don;t know a thing about her, but oh my goooooooood!!!!!