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Gwen Stefani Shitty See Through of the Day

How about some Gwen Stefani in a see through shirt, showing off a bra, in efforts to convince us she’s not actually a man, and abs like that and a husband who fucks transexuals doesn’t mean she was born with testicles, cuz if she was, why would she be wearing a bra…kinda thing…

At least that’s what I assume she’s doing here…or maybe it’s just a diversion from whatever the fuck is going on with her lip….the face on…not the panty one that we’re not sure actually exists….

She may be in a band called No Doubt, a name I think she did to subtly convince the public not to have doubt, but it didnt work, cuz I’ve got doubt.

But here is her bra on her small tits anyway…

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  • Emanule Goldstien

    Be nice to gwen she worked for where she is, Not like Kim or paris.

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