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Kendra Wilkinson’s Ass for Publicity of the Day

I’m not a huge Kendra Wilkinson fan…

I mean I’m hardly a fan of any of the Playboy created slut-eberties, cuz they’re just trashy stripper/prostitutes with fake tits that I find uninteresting, cliche, expected and obvious….especially this one…cuz she’s got a ridiculous looking face…a boring body…and at 19 had huge sex tape with a handicapped dude documented vagina ….

But I am torn, cuz I like whores and I do like bottom feeding….I just usually prefer it when it isn’t on the internet but in real life….and since I was the first TO REVIEW HER SEX TAPE when she leaked it and pretended she didn’t….

I figure I should post all things Kendra…like this clearly staged photoshoot where she’s flashing her ass…with her husband….cuz it’s all in efforts to stay around….make money and feed her ugly girl need to be noticed…

Whore cares….

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