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Rachel Bilson Crazy Person Shorts of the Day

What the fuck is wrong with this girl…she has the potential to take that sex appeal I know she’s got somewhere under those ridiculously large clown shorts…and give the public what we want…

I can only assume that Star Wars is behind this shit, cuz with all brain washing, telling a bitch what to wear is on the lowest end of the spectrum…I mean that’s gotta be the case…cuz he doesn’t want guys jerking off to his woman…and I guess he doesn’t want his woman getting more work and reaching her full potential as a slutty actress cuz he’s already reached his peak and is only downhill from here….but at least he’ll always have comicon, Mark Hamil shit….

Cuz any self respecting woman knows that jean shorts are supposed to be short, tight and not make you look like a little kid in her dad’s shorts trying to make everyone at the dinner party laugh….

Insane….or they are mocking us…either way…they suck..

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