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Rosie Huntington-Whitely Bikini Model of the Day

I prefer a time when she hadn’t quite made it…you know when she wasn’t the new Megan Fox…when she was just some up and coming model who had one or two seasons with corporate monsters Victoria’s Secret, who I assume these pictures are for, cuz even with her big famous movie star career, they probably still own her and may even be behind the shit to make their campaigns more high profile, cuz that’s what owning 90 percent of the the underwear market in the world is all about….you know since we’ve been told we need to wear underwear and that underwear needs to be clean leading to drawers full of the shit…that I won’t buy into…cuz I know how these kinds of scams work….you know cavemen didn’t wear underwear, why should we…they just want us to consume…when really our natural scents are erotic….

That said, I also prefer when she’s showed her nipple modeling toples ….cuz This hollywood shit has made her boring….

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  • Leon Trotsky

    She ain’t no Megan Fox. I mean sure, I’d bang her but not the same level at all.