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Amy Winehouse’s Last Performance of the Day

Here’s a video of Amy Winehouse, in what is probably her last performance, from the 20th of July, I mean unless you consider dying alone in your bed to be a big final performance, even though no one relaly got to see the first part of the act, and only a select few got to see the actual ending, in some philisophical “if a tree falls in the woods does it make a sound” concept to deep and powerful for my little brain to grasp….

She’s dancing crazy and crazy dancing always brings joy to my cold dead, but not Amy Winehouse dead, heart…..

It’s a tragedy, but at least she left us with one last laugh….

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  • Zod

    Hey just because there wasn’t a sombrero onstage with a bunch oh chola’s in hot pant doesn’t mean it was a bad show jesys.