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Is This a Taylor Momsen Vagina Shot of the Day

Taylor Momsen’s celebrating her 18th birthday today…making the top picture fully legal if it was shot today…but the chances of it being shot today are slim to none….so I’m not gonna risk it…cuz you never know how uptight they are about this underage vagina shit…even if it is hardly pornographic and even if Momsen wants all the attention…otherwise pics like this wouldn’t happen….

This also means that she will quickly become irrelevant cuz America likes Jail Bait not barely legal chicks…true story…I think comes from the oppression of your nation with laws that a bitch must be 18 cuz for the longest time 14 was legal here and the last thing you’d ever want to bed is a 14 year old…but it takes being allowed to to really grasp that…

This might as well be an RIP Motherfucker post…cuz unless she’s got a sex tape in the works…her flashing antics are too high school and immature for your perversion…..see it worked when she was 17…but she’s gonna have to step up her game….fast….

Either way, her birthday barely even made the news…maybe cuz she already doesn’t matter…

To See the Vagina Picture that I’m Not Risking my Clean Criminal Record to Post

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