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Kim Kardashian’s WMB 3-D See Through Photo Shoot of the Day

Kim Kardashian got cast in a new magazine called World’s Most Beautiful’s maiden issue….because I have a feeling that Kim Kardashian invested in or financed, or is even the silent partner behind this shit cuz she liked the way it sounded, especially when they said they’d do a 3-D photoshoot with her, something that would be dangerous if it was more focused on her ass, or even her gut, cuz let’s face it, she’s just a fat chick who knows how to wear, strap down, and hide her fatness…..which coincidentally is also proof that she’s hardly the world’s most beautiful anything, unless you own a restuarant she’s walking into, cuz you know it’ll be a good day for sales, provided she even eats in public, cuz most fat chicks like to keep that shit behind closed doors as they cry….

Either way, here’s her 3-D photoshoot that’s not really 3-D or something you want to see in 3-D, and she’s showing off her fat tits and see through leggings…something you probably like…but I prefer the Black on Fat Chick Sex Tape Porno Career that Launched Her into this Money Making Monster she is Now…thanks to Ryan Seacrest…

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  • She is boring and washed up , There is Nothing to this chick that is interesting . She has no talent and we know she has NO MORALS….

  • tasleyna kensey

    shes such a fat ethnic

  • Kenny

    Obviously if she was fat she wouldn’t be able to tight clothes and wear bikinis you moron. But just because shes not a size 0 with a bone sticking out her ass you dumb fucks think she’s fat. Get a life and stop bashing on people you don’t even know.

  • Edgar

    Damn she’s sexy