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Anne Hathaway As Catwoman of the Day

Since fanboys depressingly run the internet….here’s Anne Hathaway as catwoman….I don’t get off to women in superhero comic book spandex shit…in fact, I find it a weird fucking fetish…..you know virgins all masturbating as they act out some fantasy comic book they’ve had since they were friendless kids….but I prefer her Naked Tits….….call me weird….

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  • LolleyGagger

    Finally someone who has a decent body to play the role. Holly Berry was alright but cat woman should have a meaty ass and tits like Anne has.

  • cowbulls

    More importantly Anne has an ass that likes and admits to liking anal. I wonder how many women have been talked into anal because Anne likes it. Talk about an important contribution to mankind. That makes her damn near a saint in my book.

  • Woo

    Too bad thats not Anne you dumb ass.