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Kelly Rowland Nipple Slip for Attention of the Day

When you are a second rate Beyonce who was used as a tool to make the world think that Beyonce carried Destiny’s Child, because Beyonce used her spoiled cunt with pull in the industry by being a catty diva to her bff from her childhood who she came up with….to ruin her career and force her to perform tits out to get any attention, work or money, while Beyonce sits at home tiling her bathroom in diamonds….

Funny how things work out when you sell out your friends for personal gain…..

To See The Nipple Pics – Cuz I Don’t Have the Right To Them – But Need You to See Them

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  • Bob Smith

    Those are ugly tits. They’re like those baloney tits.

  • ExpletiveBMP

    can i get a yes we can up in this sumefabitch? yes i can knob on those tits till tomorrow never knows. yes i will have a go at her ass if she allowed me, and by go at her ass, i mean licking her asshole, because being a virgin, has made me daring and bold. even though it’s doubtful i’d fulfill my promise to do such, since, when i actually get to her ass, and clit, and the gravity of the situation creeps up on me, i’d preferably cry and run away in terror, because that’s how virgins roll; we brag about our shit, then run away when it’s time to fuck. But I would suck them there titties.