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Ginger Spice is a Mom Rockin’ a Bikini of the Day

I like that Ginger Spice Geri Halliwell has taken a liking to being in a bikini at all times…I like that she gets Topless in her Bikinis also, partially because she’s european and bikini tops don’t matter to those Euro bitches and shouldn’t matter to any bitches, but more importantly, cuz she’s got great tits….they were even better back when she was working as a stripper before the Spice Girls…back when bitch had to pay rent and her only asset and skill was her fat tits….but I can’t find those pics right now…so I’ll just take these recent, decades and kids later, pics of her in a bikini, cuz her body is better now than it was then…cuz I guess that’s what having stupid money does to a bitch…it allows her to not live off inexpensive pizza and beer…but instead fancy salads and champagne and prescription pills…

To See The Rest of the Pics

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  • Jay

    She looks great !
    The rest of the bogus “Spice Girls” are at leat 10 years younger and look like Hollywood hell.
    Thats the result of being smart enough to grab your $$$ and get out of the stinking entertainment industry.
    GOOD FOR HER !!!