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Jenna Jameson’s Bikini Ass of the Day

Jenna Jameson is in a bikini….

This is nothing to be excited about. I mean she’s a porn chick, or at least has a porn past that spans many videos that you can likely google and see her in all her glory…during her glory days…and half naked, not fucking, in a bikini looking like a bit of a zombie….

This is nothing to be impressed by, I mean unless you find it impressive that she’s got a vagina still, big and meaty and being hugged by her bikini, but a vagina nevertheless…..I mean after all the abuse she’s put it through….from childbirth to huge cock day after day….you’d expect it to be worn down and no longer much more than a mutated growth….or if you’re impressed by a damaged girl who hasn’t killed herself yet…despite how hard you would have killed yourself if you were in her position…or as much you expected her to…you know cuz she spent a few years looking like a zombie with a serious meth addiction….medicating her unhappiness…

But Jenna Jameson’s my friend, at least on Twitter, and that to me is enough reason to celebrate her amazingness…like I celebrated pictures she posted of her dead mom a few weeks ago that I masturbated to…told her about and got an LOL out of her over…

Not that it matters, here are the pics of her and her husband…who I assume isn’t the kind of guy who gets uptight about his wife’s sexually history, you know cuz he can just watch it….but then again, maybe that’s why he beats her.

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