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Rose McGowan’s New Look is Interesting of the Day

I am a fan of Rose McGowan and she could get into the entire supply of botox at the medical spa, turning her face into a paralyzed, swollen, mess that looks almost like a cartoon character, or even Jon Benet Ramesy toddlers in tiara shit and I’ll still get behind her and say how fucking hot she is…because she is fucking hot and I’m not gonna let a little botched plastic surgery or overdone cosmetic procedure take away from that….even though she looks a little weirder than she used to, cuz a little swelling, allergic reaction, even accident victim shit never turned me off and I’m not gonna let it start now…

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  • eyhley

    OMG, what did she do to her face !? what a waste :/…

  • Dr. Cornelia J. Dogbarker, PhD (rescinded)

    I’m sure she did it because she’s a huge star and she has a lead role as a grotesque plastic surgery victim in a special new picture called “Botched Plastic Surgery,” or something similar. These rich Hollywood fuckers are hard-core, they embrace their roles, they live the part. Anyway, this bitch is done, she looks like a 9/11 hijacker took a boxcutter to her face ha ha.