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Brooke Hogan and her Bikini isn’t the Manliest Thing Hulk Was Gay For of the Day

So I checked out Brooke Hogan’s twitter because I heard that her mom Linda came out saying that Hulk and Brutus the Beefcake were gay lovers…which is really shocking since they half nakedly and greased up in spandex used to rub each other down aggressively…in what looks like gay foreplay to me….

She didn’t mention how she’s the biggest dick her dad ever sucked off…but she did post this from some boat she’s on filming some shit movie about sharks:

“Paparazzi get pretty crazy… Just make me look skinny boys lol”

But I was more into this tweet:

I would like to fill a pool up with ice cold, carbonated soda and jump in nakey. I’m so hot.

Cuz white trash never felt so good…dreams of carbonated soda naked baths in the kiddie pool in the trailer park that she’ll never experience cuz her dad was a smart enough homosexual biker to make millions doing what he loved….being half naked and creased up with other men….

Who cares…everyone’s faggot.

To See The Rest of the Bikini Pics – Cuz I Don’t Have The Rights – I Am Also Not Wearing Pants

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  • Imtheloserbehindyou

    Brooke you would make more money jumping in a pool naked in soda then making this movie.

  • Bob Smith

    Who’s the guy with tits?