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Hilary Duff Shorts So Tight It’s Keepin’ The Baby In of the Day

I pretty much said it all in the title. Here’s some Hilary Duff pregnant, despite the fact that you’d assume her husband is a bit of a homo jock who lets his teammates bang her while he jerks off, because let’s face it, she got broad since marrying him…and now she’s broad in the uterus….but containing it all in a pair of her tight jean shorts so that her fetus doesn’t escape as she knows it may be a long time before she gets her man to cum inside her vagina, cuz he’s more into asshole…making this baby a fucking keeper….

I figure she should hold onto these shorts, cuz when the pregnancy is over, bitch is gonna need straps and tights to keep her vagina from dragging ont he ground…so get I expect to get used to this strategy to keep things in….

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