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Hilary Swank Bikini Pics of the Day

Hilary Swank is one of those chicks who you think looks like a dude so much that she gets cast in a movie playing a chick who pretends to be a dude and it launches her career into this huge success….because she’s skinny, boyish, square jawed and even muscular….but for some reason rockin’ huge tits …that didn’t even have the power to win us over and think she’s not a dude….

But as she starts aging and turning 40, while the other chicks who had hot bodies in the 20s get fat and dumpy after having kids, giving up, and whatever else 40 year olds do…Hilary Swank’s ripped manly body ends up looking tight and hot…at least compared to chicks her own age…making her a catch for more than just her bank account….

I don’t have the rights to post the pics…but I can link to them….

So to See Her Ridiculously Hot Body That I’ve Hardly Ever Liked

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