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Elisabetta Canalis Showing Off Stomach While the Paparazzi Still Cares of the Day

Elisabetta Canalis holding onto her low level celebrity for fucking George Clooney by doing DWTS is pretty expected….and definitely not funnier than the thought of Chaz Bono doing dancing with the stars. I figure they should pair her up with Lacey Schwimmer since she’s the most sexually ambiguous of the crew, you know with all her thickness….I mean sure she’s got big tits but that don’t mean she doesn’t have dick….you know just like Chaz Bono….but this isn’t about a tranny weirdo…this is about some slutty Italian whore I love looking In her Bikini or Flashing some nipple ….
….only instead of bikinis and nipples she’s in a sport’s bra…showing off stomach and it’s lovely…cuz we’ll be seeing more of her in motion…even though she’s old and damaged goods…

To See The Rest of the Pics

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