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Kate Hudson’s Post Baby Body in a Bikini of the Day

Ignore the spammy video…so don’t click the spammy link…I just don’t have the rights to post the pics – but youtube piracy…cuz youtube is sketchy as hell even though it is publily traded…

For those of you who care…Kate Hudson had a second kid with a different father than the first dad cuz she’s used up trash like that…Seriously, besides leading the Wilson Brother to suicide, she’s also been up to fucking pretty much everyone, and I saw her in a recent movie, looking haggard and bloated, played out and done at 32, but She’s in a white white. She’s got HUGE milk filled tits, which is something new for her, as she’s been one of the flattest bitches in Hollywood…rockin’ some baby weight and a vagina that probably wrecked, but not from the birth, but because it was already wrecked pre birth due to serious mistreatment…..and those are some my favorite things….

So To See The Rest of the Pics – Since I Don’t Have the Rights to Them

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