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Tara Reid’s Homeless Crackhead Who Has Given Up of the Day

As someone who loves crackwhores like Tara Reid loves LA and London, because I have have had some of the best sexual experiences with greasy, unshowered, haggard, women in soiled clothing….at least in terms of cost…cuz I figure skinny, emaciated, desperate, down on her luck, dirty and addicted to a variety of substances leads to more bang for my buck…so to me these pics of Tara Reid are more promising than any Red Carpet or glamorous event I’ve seen her attend, it’s even better than any VIP spring break party that hasn’t ended in the last decade she’s been caught up in, because I know under this sweatshirt are fake tits, and a hurting soul, who is going to make the wrong choices to get herself back to that happy place she was once at…and these damaged bitches always do that through sex…it’s a basic human need and only a small step away to the whoring of herself she’s used to….

Seriously, I’d totally bang Tara Reid from these pics in a back alley for 40 dollars tax in and you would too and I think that’s really what we need to focus on when we see such a mess of a human…

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  • Dr. Cornelia J. Dogbarker, PhD (rescinded)

    Of all the washed-up loser has-been actors out there, what is interesting about this soiled, crinkled, semi-literate waste product? She’s disgusting and appears to be diseased.