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Elisabetta Canalis Stumpy Non-Stacy Keibler Legs in some Tights of the Day

Since today is all about the pussy that George Clooney’s has a spell on like Stacy Keibler …his new public girlfriend..

I figured I might as well do a comparative analysis of his new pussy and his old pussy….

Because his old pussy is using the low level fame she got from being fucked by George Clooney by rocking Dancing with the Stars, even though she’s hardly a star….but a pussy a star fucked….so here are Stumpy legs compared to Keibler in tights….disguting…but I’m just saying that cuz if a bitch isn’t good enough for Clooney to keep, than she’s not good enough for me. I’m rational like that and blame my poverty, addiction and delusions that my wife isn’t 350 pounds….

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  • cowbulls

    I’d rather have Stacey for a night than this chick for a week.