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Anna Faris Ass Profile in a Black Dress of the Day

Who gives a fuck about Anna Faris….I’m gonna assume she’s so irrelevant that even she doesn’t know who Anna Faris is…Sure that doesn’t make sense, but I’m irritated in the simple fact that she’s one of those actresses who is cast as the hot chick, the body, the token get naked chick, yet she doesn’t carrry that into her everyday life, like in these pics, why the fuck does she think it is acceptable to wear a black dress, that’s barely revealing, does she not know her role in Hollywood as a whole….she’s gotta really step her shit up, otherwise some other slut’s just gonna replace the bitch…

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  • Imtheloserbehindyou

    YOU are sooooo wrong DSF, shes the token hot girl who does comedy and dosent get naked, she just wears the tight clothes and push up bras. Either way give it another year or two because none of these ladies can fight time and age. Theres already another blonde girl out there dating a jew producer waiting for her big moment.

  • notfb

    A. She’s ugly as diarrhea.
    B.She’s fucking stupid and legally retarded
    C.She can’t act to save her life.

    Plz someone kill her