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Vanessa Pudgens Tight Clothes, Bare Stomach of the Day

I’m pretty into watching Vanessa Hudges slowly grow into her bull dyke body. I’ve even gone so far as renaming her Vanessa Pudgens, cuz I have that power, and that genius level of creativity, you know cuz she’s beefing up….and I like to point in out so that she puts a stop to the shit and sorts herself out cuz her willing to get naked, cute, chipmunk who tried to sue me for posting nude pics of her self has some serious potential in being something we want to fuck….you know cuz she obviously reads the site and treats it like her life coach…like so many other people….why else would I have 4 readers…motherdfuckers..

Either way, she’s in tight pants, her hair is less dykey, her body less pudgy, making moves, but not spread eagled enough….but in her defense, they never are.

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  • die cunt!

    It’s like god dam TMZ in here…..every fucking day you have the same shit up, Pippa, this pig, rihanna, minka kelly every 5 min, and some other repetitive bullshit. WE NEED YOU TO POST PICS OF LOW RENT WHORES AND NAKED SLUTS!

  • GOD

    like your mother? i guess @die cunt! is either gay or retarded!?