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Amanda Seyfried Hot for Glamour of the Day

It’s pretty safe to say that Amanda Seyfried is the only celebrity I actually get down to…The reason is pretty simple….she doesn’t buy into the whole celebrity bullshit and I know this because she walks around for the paparazzi unshowered and in sweat pants, looking like shit, because she obviously doesn’t give a fuck and I know girls locally who aren’t famous for shit but they need an hour of prep before leaving the house, and that alone makes her perfect, but on top of that she doesn’t do the cheesy celeb party shit, she can’t be bothered, even though she’s bigger than Lohan ever was….she just isn’t out doing drugs with her vagina hanging out of her pants…and guess what…she actually gets work…work for both kids but then she squeezes out these adult movies where she gets totally naked…and her naked is a fucking vision….so seeing her in Glamour magazine reminds me that not everyone out there deserves to get shit on…..some need to be celebrated through masturbation.

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  • Dr. Cornelia J. Dogbarker, PhD (rescinded)

    I don’t know or care who this dumb bitch thinks she is, but I would enjoy watching her get fucked.