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Kelly Rowland Bikini In Miami of the Day

Beyonce’s ex-personal assistant/back up vocals and singer from Destiny’s Child, before Beyonce decided it was time to get the glory she deserved by changing the name of the band to Beyonce, making it the Beyonce show for her spoiled, vain, her dad was the manager and they could do whatever they wanted, leaving poor bitches like Kelly Rowland to fend for herself, and here she is out of work, not famous, trying to fend for herself off the millions of money she got paid in Destny’s Child and to fuck off from Destiny’s Child until it’s fiscally time to do a comeback tour cuz they’ll optimize payout….

What I’m saying is that I don’t give a fuck about this girl’s failure, or rejection, or irrelevance, or Beyonce’s rejection of her, cuz she’s got money and lives the good life, in her bikini, all thanks to that Beyonce cunt….and here’s some pics if you’re into it…

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