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Mischa Barton Tries To Stay Relevant via Tyler Shields Steak to the Face of the Day

I used to rip into Tyler Shields for being a hack of a photographer who just managed to have the right celebrity friends that propelled him into photographer celebrity….but then I spoke to someone who knows him and she assures me that he’s not some try hard, full of shit, obvious attempt at shocking concept with celebrity pussy like he was the next Terry Richardson with less vision….and even if he was, who cares, cuz I’m the fucker writing about his work…adding fuel to the fire that is his hype….

That said, he recruited Mischa Barton, which must have been hard, you know with her busy schedule, substance abuse, sanity….but I have a funny feeling she’s the one who sought him out…to get these pics of steak on her face, in a photo series that I call “I shoulda been Tyler Shields, I’m clever enough to make shocking pictures, if only I didn’t alienate myself”….

Here she is…

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  • So… that’s how givin’ up looks like.

  • Crazy Soldier from Brazil

    Who?!? And who is Tyler Shields by the way??

  • I can’t see her pussy. It must be the PC to mac conversion

  • rrocko

    uuuh dis is discraceful!

  • Another Epic Fail

    Well she can always try that suicide that everybody’s talkin’ about…

  • Bob Smith

    Hey Laurawhite. You write like a girl, and you have a name like a girl, so why is it that you have a dick dangling between your legs?

  • Tadpole Pond

    You know what Mischa needs right now? A REAL job!

  • Funny Fact: EVERYBODY ELSE who worked with this cheap ass sut have a job today.