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Nicole Richie’s a Mom in Jean Shorts of the Day

As much as I hate Nicole Richie for having a little bit of everything wrong in the world in her, I can’t help but post her pictures when she’s showing off her mom body that she works out all the time, while remembering the fat Nicole Richie that was on TV so many years ago, back when she was semi-interesting a personality paving the way for trash like the Kardashians…to be famous for nothing…while riding Paris Hilton’s coattails by never releasing a sex tape…even though she’s the adopted one with a whore bio-mom….making her a better candidate for that shit cuz people who’s parents don’t want them usually get seek people to want them….but instead she chose the boring family life, which is the flipside of dysfunctional….and as boring as that is on all fronts..at least it wears short shorts….and I still hate her…but I’m posting it anyway.

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