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Fat Christina Aguilera’s Fatness Does the Pumpkin Patch of the Day

I love Christina Aguilera’s weight gain…not because I like fat chicks…or even because I like seeing tiny bitches everyone wanted to fuck, who everyone will still fuck cuz it is Aguilera, only they’ll do it with a little less bragging rights, since her body is the caliber of shit…but her star power still balances that shit out….making it worth it…but because I like seeing bitches give up and give into their emotions…

That said, I’m not sure if Aguilera is smuggling some pumpkins out of the pumpkin patch in her leggings, or if she’s just been eating too much pumpkin pie, but I do know she’s round as fuck and assume she’s doing some research on her Halloween costume to get accuracy, cuz it only makes sense she puts the slutty obvious costume away, and brings out the not so popular sexy pumpkin out…only cuz it ties in nicely with her body type..


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  • Imtheloserbehindyou

    This was just waiting to happen, her mom is a huge ball of roundness and so will she be.

  • sandie

    Well, I almost confused her with Kristy Alley.

  • ExpletiveBMP

    This is the real Christina, and that’s a good thing. The lot of you may not think so because you’re in love with scrawny bitches. But me, curvy or fat, if I love her, I’m eating the cheese from between her thighs, and licking the shit crumbs from her ass hole. Fuck your poe girl bullshit!