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Hilary Duff is a Hot Pregnant Chick of the Day

I’ve only started liking Hilary Duff since she got pregnant and started swelling up. Maybe it is cuz she’s filled out her broad shoulders, or maybe it’s cuz I know she doesn’t use condoms and lets dudes cum inside her….or maybe it’s cuz she’s got fat titties….all hormonal and swollen….or maybe it’s cuz she’s so dangerous with her pregnancy…who know…I just know I like it….tight dress, polluted womb, pre-shredded apart tainted post-pregnancy lady parts….

Here’s some more Duff tits, in a tank top, being squeezed together, all fatter than they used to be, possibly hormonal and slutty, but no one knows cuz it’s not Hilary, it’s Haylie…but I’d into this cuz Horse Faces don’t scare me anymore…I’m far more leniant and less angry than I once was…

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  • HornyLohanWanker

    I wonder if her nipples are leaking yet?