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Kim Kardashian Thickness in a Tight Dress of the Day


Now that I got that out of my system – you see cuz I’m annoyed a bitch who had a sex tape that was spun intelligently makes 100,000,000 dollars a year because brands pay her and associate themselves with her – despite being a fucking dirtbag whore who filmed herself fucking for exactly this reason – and that pisses me off….

I don’t find her hot, I find her fat. I don’t find her interesting, I find her lazy and boring. I don’t find her cool, I find her tacky, trashy disgusting….

But I’m posting pictures of her period friendly, fat chick friendly cuz it is very very tight and shapes her proper….because I’m more pathetic than her….

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  • fag

    Your right you r way more pathetic than her. I think she’s an attention whore too but that body is sexy as hell. That’s why she is still on TV an modeling that body is hot. If that is obese to you than yeah dude your a fucking blind fag. The whores I see you posting saying they are cute are either ugly or rail thin freaks. Get some nuts and quit acting like a little blind bitch. She may be stupid….(still smarter than you dumbass) but she is beautiful. Now why don’t you keep masturbating to pics of dudes you meet at the grocery store.

  • whistle

    i wholeheartedly agree with you. she is the types we should be protesting against. occupy kim kardashian’s ass. it’s big enough.
    she is the nasty epitome of dirty whore & people eat that shit up and buy it and blow it and don’t even think about it. nasty.

  • G.

    Well, her body is fcking fantastic.

  • ExpletiveBMP

    We all Know How I feel about Kim K, yadda yadda yadda, sweet ass, yadda yadda — I’ll never taste that ass, and that’s fucking sad man!

  • cowbulls

    Kim has an incredible body and a sultry look that seems to ooze sex. I’d rather have her once than a dozen of those Hollywood skinny chicks with boob jobs. She gets major points for realizing that she’s a sex toy and nothing but a sex toy. As her movies show, she will do anything a man wants including giving up her starfish.

  • tc

    r any of u on TV? no so shut up…….period…she can buy all y’all broke asses………