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Rose McGowan Hotness in What Could be a See Through Shirt of the Day

I’ve already said I think Rose McGowan is fantastic and more importantly that she’s got amazing breasts….even at 40…..even if they are smaller than they were in the 90s because I assume she works out, is into yoga and pilates and is probably a vegetarian….She’s all rock and roll, dark and intense and sure she fucked up for a few years when dating that full of shit Marilyn Manson, who she may have even been married to, but everything else about her has passed my very easy test…that I call having a vagina….

I think she’s got a second wind in her….but more importantly…I think she’s got a see through shirt on and that’s just fucking lovely…

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  • Twitch

    Fuck yeah, Rose is one of the hottest pieces around, total package.