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Tila Tequila Lives and Boxes of the Day

What better way to honor Smokin’ Joe Frasier than to post this video of Tila Tequila, who I was sure was dead, mainly because no one gives a fuck about her, to the point where only a couple hundred people watcher her strip on webcam during a live show what must be a year ago….because she got weird in her publicity stunts, from dating some dead heiress, to faking some sadness to continually being annoying on twitter, but then the people turned off her volume button, and it was nice as someone who hates her….

So bottom feeder who should have NEVER been famous, but who was in the right place at the right time of the internet, when mainstream didn’t know how to move into internet, so they hired internet stars, even though all her friends were fake, on myspace and pushed the shit….turning her into this little playboy monster I met…

ANyway, she boxed Cami Parker….and this is the annoying video some annoying people put together because it is all I could find…since you guessed it, no one cares about Tila..

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  • wes

    I think Tila won more shots to the head and more the aggressor.