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Mariah Carey Thickness in a Tight Dress of the Day

The above picture is a lie that people are trying to preted is Mariah Carey post baby weight…..70 pounds lighter….a year after she gave birth that resulted in some Jenny Craig spokesperson gig, that probably makes her a lot of money….but is obviously doctored…because you can’t have a spokesperson spilling out of her motherfucking dress….

The reality, see the pictures below, the bitch is still fat…so fat I was going to do a post on how she was inspired by Precious and working on Precious that she’s decided to be like those fat chicks on YOUTUBE Who track their weight gain and eating habits…emotionally eating their way into a fanbase of weirdos….hoping it will land her an oscar….

Don’t believe the Jenny Craig corporate lies….the proof is in the tight dress below…

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