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Anna Kournikova’s Amazing White Bikini for Old TImes of the Day

The first post that ever got traffic on this site was of Anna Kournikova in a Yellow bikini, digging outt sand or someshit, this was back in 2004….amd in those 7 yeas she’s managed to remain hot….while I’ve just fallen into a deeper, darker place, more bored, less interested, less eager place, despite still being married to a fat slob of a woman, who I am gaining on in pant size

So here she is in her bikini with her Latin Lover, showing offf her athletic body, and I’m posting it….cuz I like white bikinis, in fact I like all bikinis, on all bodies, and I owe it to this Russian lie, American bred, tennis star for giving me this miserable existence, addicted to chasing hits, cuz one day, I may be as popular as that Anna Kournikova bikini post was so many years ago……but I doubt it….

This site is the pits.

TO See The Rest of the Pics

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