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Paris Hilton Cum Glaze Face of the Day

Paris Hilton’s natural tan looks about right…orange enough to inspire the vapid Jersey Shore retards…..something I think she did a long time ago without realizing it…because there is no way those trashy stripper pigs aren’t the direct result of Paris Hilton’s influence in the media….and shiny enough to looklike she’s been glazed with semen like the whore that she is…..and really it’s supposed to be good for your skin…at least that’s what I tell every girl I try to give facials to, even though ever porn chick has some of the shitties skin….it doesn’t mattter her are the pics…

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  • FArts

    Paris is boring and an attention whore with a bizarre child like baby talk voice similar to fat kardashian klan.

  • imtheloserbehindyou

    No more handjobs from her anymore. One hand will always have a phone and other her purse.